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var	lcnt		=	19;
chords["A"]= "x02220";
freds["A"]= "1";
alts["A"]= "......";
chords["E"]= "022100";
freds["E"]= "1";
alts["E"]= "......";
chords["F#"]= "244322";
freds["F#"]= "1";
alts["F#"]= "......";
chords["B7"]= "x21202";
freds["B7"]= "1";
alts["B7"]= "2.....";
chords["B"]= "x2444x";
freds["B"]= "1";
alts["B"]= "2....2";

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:48:21 -0600
Subject: /r/raiders/legend_of_paul_revere.crd

written by Mark Lindsay and Terry Melcher
performed by Paul Revere and the Raiders

E / / / 2 / /
In a little town in Idaho way back in '61
A man was flyin' burgers; gee, it seemed like lots of fun
But to his friend the bun boy, he confessed it's misery
"I think I'd like to start a group, so   come along with me."

And all you  sta-ations across the  na-ation
Please play our records for your congre- ga-ation

Verse 2:
The band soon started boomin'; they were rakin' in the coins
They found a few musicians and persuaded them to join
And Paul Revere decided, since they had such new-found fame
"We need a fancy title," and the Raiders they became


Verse 3:
They soon packed up for Hollywood to reap their fortunes there
The streets aren't really paved with gold and you can't live on air
And then Dick Clark approached them, said "I know a thing or 2:
I'll put you on a TV show and make big stars of you."


Verse 4:
Now things are goin' groovy and we really can't complain
Though the pace of rock and rollin' nearly drives us all insane
And everybody's pushin', sayin' "Give it all you can!"
I've come to think of it, our business manager's our biggest fan

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