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var	lcnt		=	34;
chords["E"]= "022100";
freds["E"]= "1";
alts["E"]= "......";
chords["ESus4"]= "022200";
freds["ESus4"]= "1";
alts["ESus4"]= "......";
chords["F#"]= "244322";
freds["F#"]= "1";
alts["F#"]= "......";
chords["A"]= "x02220";
freds["A"]= "1";
alts["A"]= "......";
chords["D"]= "xx0232";
freds["D"]= "1";
alts["D"]= "......";

Ņigarettes and Alcohol

The Intro and other E chord places is a riff that repeats between E and
Esus4 (002220), I think the rythmn is something like ||S|||S|||S|||S (With
S being the Sus4 chord)


Verse 1-
Is it my imagination, or have I finally found something worth looking for,
I was looking for some action, but all I found was Cigarettes and Alcohol,

You could wait for a lifetime, to spend your days in the sunshine,
You might as well be a white lie, 'cause when it comes on top,   (???? Words)
You gotta make it happen, you gotta make it happen,   (X2)

Verse 2-
Is it worth the agrivation, 
to find yourself a job when there's nothing worth working for,
It's a crazy situation, but all I need are Cigarettes and Alcohol,



Ad lib and mess around bit-
    You gotta make it
    You gotta fake it


[A couple of riffs I picked out]

[Chorus Riff]            [Other Riff]  

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