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var	lcnt		=	27;
chords["G"]= "320003";
freds["G"]= "1";
alts["G"]= "......";
chords["F"]= "133211";
freds["F"]= "1";
alts["F"]= "......";
chords["C"]= "x32010";
freds["C"]= "1";
alts["C"]= "3.....";
chords["Cadd9"]= "x32030";
freds["Cadd9"]= "1";
alts["Cadd9"]= "......";

Person: Andrew Robinson

song: Who Feels Love

artist: Oasis

tab: Date: 17/01/00  21:42
Song: Who Feels Love?
Artist: Oasis
Written By: Our Lord & Saviour Noel Gallagher
Tabbed By: Andrew Robinson

Its a bit simple really, only about 4 chords in it


Found What I Lost inside
My Spirit has been Purified
Take a thorn from my Pride
And hand in hand we'll take a walk outside


Thank you for the sun
The one that shines on everyone
Who Feels Love
Now there's a million years
Between my fantasy & Fears
I feel Love


Leaving all that i see
Now all my emotions fill teh air that i breathe
Now you understand, that this is not the promised land
They Spoke Of...
There's nothing more to be
If you could be the remedy who heals love

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