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var	lcnt		=	23;
chords["Em"]= "022000";
freds["Em"]= "1";
alts["Em"]= "......";
chords["Am"]= "x02210";
freds["Am"]= "1";
alts["Am"]= "......";
chords["C"]= "x32010";
freds["C"]= "1";
alts["C"]= "3.....";
chords["G"]= "320003";
freds["G"]= "1";
alts["G"]= "......";
chords["D"]= "xx0232";
freds["D"]= "1";
alts["D"]= "......";


- Artist : Oasis
- Song : Talk Tonight (b-side)
- Album : Some Might Say (single)
- Written by : Noel Gallagher
- tabbed by "Supersonic"
- real name : Sander Scheffer
- Website :


Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone
A thousand million miles from home, and
Something     	hit me,	somewhere right between the eyes 

Sleeping on a plane, you know you can't complain
You took your last chance once again, and
Landed, stranded, hardly even knew your name

I want to talk tonight

Until the morning light
'bout how you saved my life
You and me know how we are
You and me know how we are

All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade
And you make sure I eat today, you
Take me		walking, to where you played when you were young

I'll never say that I won't ever make you cry
And this I say I don't know why, I
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