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var	lcnt		=	36;
chords["D"]= "xx0232";
freds["D"]= "1";
alts["D"]= "......";
chords["A"]= "x02220";
freds["A"]= "1";
alts["A"]= "......";
chords["G"]= "320003";
freds["G"]= "1";
alts["G"]= "......";
chords["Em"]= "022000";
freds["Em"]= "1";
alts["Em"]= "......";
chords["C"]= "x32010";
freds["C"]= "1";
alts["C"]= "3.....";
chords["F"]= "133211";
freds["F"]= "1";
alts["F"]= "......";
chords["E"]= "022100";
freds["E"]= "1";
alts["E"]= "......";

I Will Believe

Locked up in chains for the rest of my life

There's no one else to blame but me

Start up with days just the end of the night

I'm feeling like I'm lost at sea

Sometimes it just seems so simple, I'm feeling like I'm down on my knees

Sometimes like a man in the middle, I don't know my own mind,

Won't you let me be...

Cause I can find you, living in my world

Dragging me round just like a dog on a lead

But when I find my own piece of mind, I...

I will believe

(repeat first verse and chorus 2x)

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