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var	lcnt		=	35;
chords["E"]= "022100";
freds["E"]= "1";
alts["E"]= "......";
chords["A"]= "x02220";
freds["A"]= "1";
alts["A"]= "......";
chords["F#"]= "244322";
freds["F#"]= "1";
alts["F#"]= "......";
chords["F#m"]= "244222";
freds["F#m"]= "1";
alts["F#m"]= "......";
chords["B"]= "x2444x";
freds["B"]= "1";
alts["B"]= "2....2";

It's Better People

Chords used:


Verse 1
[NOTE: same chord progression is used in all verses]

It's better people love one another, 
cos livin' your life can be tough
It's better people speak to each other
Your shame is not enough

If everybody came alive and stayed alive
And lived their lives instead, yeah
So come outside and feel the light
It's cold outside but it's lonely in your bed, in your bed

   You thought we might be
But what your heard before
Was only sleepin' in your brain
   But if you came with me
the days'd never end
Would never be the same

Saaa-aaaaaa-ame, they'd never be the
Saaa-aaaaaa-ame, never be the 

[REPEAT VERSE 1, using same chord progression]


Final Chorus
They'd never be the same
They'd never ne the same
They'd just go by a different name
They'd never be the same

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