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var	lcnt		=	47;
chords["C"]= "x32010";
freds["C"]= "1";
alts["C"]= "3.....";
chords["G"]= "320003";
freds["G"]= "1";
alts["G"]= "......";
chords["Am"]= "x02210";
freds["Am"]= "1";
alts["Am"]= "......";
chords["F"]= "133211";
freds["F"]= "1";
alts["F"]= "......";
chords["Dm"]= "xx0231";
freds["Dm"]= "1";
alts["Dm"]= "......";

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Subject: c/church_of_rhythm/common_people.crd

Common People
Written by Church of Rhythm (from Not Perfect)

These chords are easy, so I'm not gonna' write them down.  You can use
power or open chords.  They both sound pretty good (I like to mix them).


We are a common people, each of us a fallen man

Let's find that common ground and stop drawing lines in the sand

We are a common people, living in a common life

There are ties that bind us all when we look beyond the lines

Common people you and I

Common people you and I

I see a blind man on the street

He doesn't know what I look like

So he can't judge the man I am

Except by what he sees inside

I see a child on the street

He doesn't know the mistakes I've made

I know he takes me where I am

He sees a friend not a crusade


I see a brother on the other side

of my crusade, my holy fight

I think I know where I went wrong

when I gave up love to be proved right

I saw a man die on a cross

He forgot the mistakes I've made

He died for me the way I was

and He wants me to love the same


Can't we tear the fences down?

Can't we rip the labels off?

Can we share the common ground

instead of judging what is not?

Can't we love instead of hate?

Can't we trust instead of fear?

Can we stop fighting for a moment

and feel our common fear?

Is it us against them, wrong against right,

black against white, my kind your kind?

There comes a time to put the argument down

and have a party on the common ground!

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